Ian Shearer
Partner at Atlanta International Limited     Dublin, Ireland     Consultants
Atlanta International Limited
Dublin, Ireland
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I have a broad range of both operational and advisory experience mainly in the technology industry. I have started a number of companies and brought a number to a successful exit, both as a M&A adviser and as a Founder.
My main interest is in helping company founders to achieve such an exit. I prefer to meet founders early so that I can assist them before the actual sale process begins.
I am a Director of Atlanta International ltd which is an International Mergers and Acquisitions House focused on the technology industry. We have offices in a number of countries and that gives us excellent access to many of the large international corporate acquirers. We currently have a number of Buy Mandates from our Indian office.

Business Profile
Atlanta International Limited
Dublin, Ireland    
01/2004-Present: Partner at Atlanta International Limited in Dublin
Consultants, Other Consultants
- Investment banking, M&A / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"Atlanta International is focused on bringing together buyers and sellers of companies in the professional software products and services market. To do this successfully we need to thoroughly understand the technology, market positioning, and cultural fit in addition to all the business issues. That is why Atlanta only employs professionals from the software business. ALL our staff have had a minimum of 15 years experience managing technology companies. We understand the issues our clients face, as we have faced them ourselves. "
Rococo Software and other Technology Companies
Dublin, Ireland    
LeCayla Technologies
Dublin, Ireland    
Margate Investments Limited
Dublin, Ireland    
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