Eric Shaw
President - Owner at New York Credit Inc     Los Angeles, California, United States     Consultants
President - Owner
New York Credit Inc
Los Angeles, California, United States
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I have written two books: Championship Networking and The Game of Credit: Managing your A/R for Profit. I'm a State Court Appointed Receiver, a wrestling promoter (just like on TV), and I started three companies: New York Credit, Inc., All Cities Network, and Wrestle Rock.

Business Profile
New York Credit Inc
Los Angeles, California, United States    
01/1979-Present: President - Owner at New York Credit Inc in Los Angeles
President - Owner
I'm an asset-based lender and credit analyst, and I discovered how to tap the cash in key areas of a business balance sheet, developing a simple plan to "unlock" those hidden sources of cash through sound credit management practices. I own New York Credit, Inc.
Consultants, Consultants Finance
- Officer - Executive, Founder - Owner / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"NEW YORK CREDIT has been helping middle-market companies improve cash flow since 1979.

With NEW YORK CREDIT's full-service cash management plan, you can have that hands-on professionalism-and improve your cash position in as little as 120 days."
All Cities Network Inc
Los Angeles, California, United States    
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