Anastasia Konuhova
Financial Analyst at Open Investments     Moscow, Russia     Consultants
Financial Analyst
Open Investments
Moscow, Russia
English; Russian;
Q & A ; Interviews ; Conferences ; Training ; Consulting
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Business Profile
Open Investments
Moscow, Russia    
08/2007-09/2009: Financial Analyst at Open Investments in Moscow
Financial Analyst
Budgets development, planning, controlling, monitoring and analysis of business performance, participation in implementation of automated corporate financial and management information system.
Consultants, Other Consultants
- Analytics, Other Analytics / Senior
Company description:
"Open Investments is an investment and development Company that was established by the holding company Interros in order to consolidate its real estate assets and operations. The objectives, set forth for the management, were to make the Company one of the largest players on the Russian real estate market, to provide a high rate of return on the invested capital and to create a liquid and growing market for the Company's shares on the largest trading floors of Russia and subsequently on international exchanges.
Open Investments
Moscow, Russia    
New York City, New York, United States    
Merrill Lynch
New York City, New York, United States    
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