Marek Howes
Consultant / Authorised Representative at Standard and Partners Ltd     London, United Kingdom     Brokerage
Consultant / Authorised Representative
Standard and Partners Ltd
London, United Kingdom
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Clients ; Raising funds ;
Equity, Real Estate, Metals (cash), Metals (Future & Option)
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My primary responsibility is working with board directors, owners and principal partners to arrange (i) private or institutional equity investment capital required for development of selected projects, bringing in the majority shareholding investors into the Special Purpose Entities, and/or (ii) private or institutional equity investment capital to create an Investment Fund for a portfolio of projects.

Business Profile
Standard and Partners Ltd
London, United Kingdom    
01/2013-Present: Consultant / Authorised Representative at Standard and Partners Ltd in London
Consultant / Authorised Representative
MAREK HOWES (Senior Consultant/Precious Metals) A high level executive with a variety of broad skills. Marek has been principally involved in high level projects in the U.K in the areas of property, infrastructure and finance. Marek has been able to use his high level executive management skills, to develop a significant network in the area of commodities and has chosen to work with both suppliers and buyers to assist the SPL Group to create greater market depth in its chosen markets. Marek holds degrees in Engineering & Business Management as well as Project Management. Marek is currently engaged in establishing SPL's "Precious Metals Desk" in the U.K E: M: 07908850112
Brokerage, Commodity broker
- Consulting, Consulting / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"A UK based company ,originally formed to provide "consultancy" and "financial services" into the mining arena, the company was founded by an energetic individual predominately involved in the finance and property development industries.

A strategic alliance with existing established industry players and the group began to trade in the area of minerals and certain food stuffs.

The company has offices strategically located, in the UK, SINGAPORE, CHINA , AUSTRALIA, UNITED STATES, NORTH AMERICA , AND SOUTH AFRICA

All consultants are fully qualified with a vast array of experience in this area of the business.

The business is growing to include not only trading activities but "equity investments" in key assets, "structured financing", and "pre shipment funding" of coal trading from Indonesia

Expanding its trading activities, the group is also developing relationships with "key suppliers" in non traditional areas such are manganese ore, chrome ore, sulphur and other chemical fertilisers.

The group is working towards opening offices in Japan,Russia and Korea later in the year.

The group has recently expanded its trading activities into the "Agricultural Sector" as has established a dedicated trading desk know as the "Agri-Desk"


“To provide an efficient and cost effective, fully transparent service to our clients.”
“Transparency” in everything we do.
“Integrity” in everything we do.
“Efficiency” in everything we do
“Longevity” in everything we do

At Standard & Partners Ltd our clients are "buying a result not just a service""
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London, United Kingdom    
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