CEO/CHAIRMAN at FEDERAL EQUITY LIMITED     Melbourne, Australia     Investment Management
Investment Management
Melbourne, Australia
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I am a bussiness professional thats gives 110% in any deal being working with buyer or seller of bank instruments,advice on M & A and to private equity for business.

Business Profile
Melbourne, Australia    
01/2006-Present: CEO/CHAIRMAN at FEDERAL EQUITY LIMITED in Melbourne
Investment Management, Private Equity - Venture Capital
- Officer - Executive, CEO - Chairman / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"We work with the following:


* Monetization- Leased & owned BG’s

* Sales of BG/MTNS- POF essential with Compliance Package. No Screenshot/CUSIP/ISIN till Compliance package received


We work with 2 Trading entities:

1st Trading entity-Minimum 2M+

2ND Trading Entity-Minimum 100M

3rd Entity-where we are NOT direct- (one person in between)-Minimum 750K

Unlike, most brokers who immediately ask for MT 760 to be issued, after the Compliance package is submitted, the Trading entity will first talk to the Investor to discuss the most suitable option. Some typical examples of how the trading entity can utilise cash are below:

1. Trade from clients bank without moving funds

2. Transfer funds to trading bank with client co-signatory

3. Deliver BG/SBLC/Bond to trading bank, monetize, trade

4. Monetize from client bank, keep funds in client bank, trade

5. Non Depletion Account


Our group could monetize/discount the owned/leased instrument between 50% - 90% LTV, depending on the financial strength of the instrument issuing bank

1. Our provider could monetize/discount and provide (loan forgiveness) non-recourse loans on most instruments at 50% of their LTV

2. Our provider could block the instrument in the client’s bank, maximize the LTV and include it in one of our several platform programs

3. Our provider can offer all the above 3 options individually, collectively and concurrently.

Sales of BG’s/MTN’s-NO LEASING

With regard to Financial instruments it is absolutely essential that you understand clearly that our Sellers dictate terms although they will work with buyers procedures PROVIDED the buyer can show POF by way of a Tear Sheet or Bank Statement in their own name. If you do have buyers (without any chain involved) for Financial instruments, please provide us the following information, after which we can revert :

* Type of Instrument Required-BG/MTN/SBLC

* Age: FC/SS/S

* Procedure Requested

* Exact Quantity required

* Can the buyer provide POF- Bank Statement/Tear sheet/Bank to Bank,Ledger to Ledger,DVP,Euroclear

The Sellers will not:

* Entertain phone calls as once compliance is completed they will directly with the Seller

* No Screenshots/CUSIPS/ISINS before compliance

Packages will have to be submitted in the sellers formats that we will supply you. The price of the instruments will be discussed directly between the Seller and the buyer.

We also have a 2nd Seller-Title Holder for SS/S MTN’s who requires POF, although it can be B2B. In this case, the Seller MUST talk to the buyer after a Compliance package is submitted. The price of the instruments will be discussed directly between the Seller and the buyer.

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