Mr Gary Growden
Chairman of the Board at Couthars, Inc     St. Paul, Minnesota, United States     Consultants
Chairman of the Board
Couthars, Inc
St. Paul, Minnesota, United States
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40 years in the financial arena. Gary knows and understands the business, his market, and remains flexible to adapt to changing economic conditions. He is a real out-of-the-box thinker and can make things happen. Gary is a very creative thinker and doer! He holds several patent pendings. Gary also has a complete knowledge and understanding of commercial real estate development.

Specialties include the C.I.P.P. - The Capital Investment Protection Program. Collateralize and guarantee nearly any investment against loss of principal. Other areas include: Bringing consumer products to market, medical devices, transportation products, restaurant franchising.

Business Profile
Couthars, Inc
St. Paul, Minnesota, United States    
04/2004-Present: Chairman of the Board at Couthars, Inc in St. Paul
Chairman of the Board
Consultants, Consultants Finance
- Officer - Executive, CEO - Chairman / Senior
Company description:
"Capital Investment Protection Program (C.I.P.P.)"
The Couthars Companies
St. Paul, Minnesota, United States    
G2 Development Corp
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States    
Asset International and Processing and Packaging Finance Co
Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States    
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