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Nova Capital Partners
Bucharest, Romania
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Nova adds value to our clients by combining broad corporate finance resources with our market-driven, industry-specific expertise. We provide each of our clients with a tailored approach and customized solution designed to help them reach their strategic, operational, and financial goals. By bringing together insight and experience with speed to market, Nova Capital Partners is the investment bank of choice for many growth-oriented companies. Most importantly, we understand that it is the quality of our performance that ensures that the relationships with our clients thrive over the long-term.

Business Profile
Nova Capital Partners
Bucharest, Romania    
03/2011-Present: Principal at Nova Capital Partners in Bucharest
Assisting companies across much of Central, Eastern, and Southern Europe in raising large amounts of both debt and equity capital. With the continued growth in the region, there are significant opportunities for global institutional investors to deploy growth capital throughout these markets. Our services in Europe are comprised of capital formation (debt and equity) and mergers and acquisition advisory. Depending on the company, its management, and operating history, Nova can raise between USD$25 million and +USD$250 million for companies within the region. Nova has deep experience in many industries such as: Agriculture/Food Transportation Energy Manufacturing Financial Services (banking, micro-credit, insurance) Telecommunications
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Company description:
"Nova Capital Partners, LLC is an emerging markets investment bank serving large and middle market companies throughout Europe, Africa, Asia and parts of Latin America.

Headquartered in New York with additional offices in Johannesburg, South Africa, Nova raises institutional debt and equity capital coupled with a full range of investment banking services including mergers and acquisition advisory, capital restructurings, and general corporate finance.

Nova works with leading publicly traded and privately held companies in many sectors including financial services, energy, transportation, agriculture, telecommunications, and mining among others.

Nova’s investment banking group brings decades of experience operating within the worlds emerging markets and frontier economies. The firm has a proven track record in capital formation and strategic advisory throughout diverse and challenging economic cycles."
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