Mr Dean Bouridis
Associate Vice President Education at Canadian Business Strategy Association     Toronto, Canada     Consultants
Associate Vice President Education
Canadian Business Strategy Association
Toronto, Canada
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Dean Bouridis has over 20 years experience as a professional guest speaker, advisor and counselor presenting findings to senior board members, government officials and industry experts. Dean has sat on interim boards for publicly trading companies in Canada and the U.S. He has generated Business Plans - IPOs - for several software companies that were traded publicly in Canada and the U.S. The Business Plan models have been used by the SEC and OSC Securities Commissions to support the Feasibility Study -- to substantiate the public trading. Dean was the Principal partner of MBI a QSB Securities Commissions registered Limited Partnership Investment Fund. Mr. Bouridis quarterbacked a multi-million USD private placement involving an international NGO linked to Doctors without Borders with the Vatican Bank through Regal Capital Securities. In addition, Dean has conducted extensive Market Research to track international oil pricing, and monitor price movements relative to the futures commodities exchanges – like the Chicago Mercantile, New York, Tokyo and London Commodities Exchanges.

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Canadian Business Strategy Association
Toronto, Canada    
-: Associate Vice President Education at Canadian Business Strategy Association in Toronto
Associate Vice President Education
The Education area of the CBSA is involved with a number of very interesting activities. The highest priority is the roll-out of the new CBSP - Certified Business Strategy Professional designation.
Consultants, Consultants Strategy
- Officer - Executive, Other Officer - Executive / Officer - Executive
Company description:
"The Canadian Business Strategy Association is a not-for-profit professional organization formed with the mandate of bringing together Canadian business strategists under a cohesive community in order to facilitate the standardization, advancement and communication within the business strategy profession.

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